How to buy Bitcoin on Unique Exchange using a Mac or iPhone?

Unique Exchange is one of America’s most popular crypto trading platforms. This exchange let you perform Bitcoin trading in the most advanced ways. If you have set up your access to this exchange then you can easily buy Bitcoin with help of the Unique Exchange mobile app or website. The trading process is quite simple on this exchange and you can also get started if you have the Unique account email and password details. Here in this post, you will find the way to buy Bitcoin on Unique Exchange using your Mac or iPhone. Before jumping to the next section, make sure that you have added funds to your account, your mobile or computer is connected to the internet, and you have the login details.

Easy steps to buy Bitcoin on Unique Exchange via iPhone

If you have an iPhone and looking to buy Bitcoin then you need to approach the steps that are given below:

  1. In case the Unique app is not installed on your iPhone
  2. Visit App Store and then find the app
  3. Once you find the app, click the ‘Get’ option
  4. Now, open the app and then sign in to Unique Exchange account
  5. Then, choose the ‘Exchange’ tab from the dashboard
  6. Head to the Unique ‘Buy Bitcoin’ option and click on it
  7. Now, add funds using a payment method and then confirm the process
  8. Finally, you have added Bitcoin to your Unique Exchange account

Method to buy Bitcoin on Unique Exchange via Mac

Mac users need to follow the steps that are stated below to buy Bitcoin on Unique Exchange:

  1. Using a browser of your Mac, visit the page
  2. On this page, click ‘Login’ to visit the login page and type the required details
  3. Now, you need to visit the ‘Buy/Sell’ section and choose the ‘Buy’ option
  4. Choose ‘Bitcoin’ and then enter the USD amount in the required field
  5. Add the payment details and then click the ‘Confirm’ button
  6. Now, you have purchased Bitcoin on Unique Exchange via Mac


To sum up, Mac or iPhone users can buy Bitcoin on Unique Exchange easily and quickly with the help of email and password details. In case you are not using the updated version of the browser or app then make sure to update them. For more information, you can contact the Unique Exchange customer support team to learn more about it or to fix the issue with your trading account.